• All Wood Cabinetry offers CUSTOM DEPTH cabinet options. These options allow you to modify the depth of standard cabinets in 1 inch increments:

    • Wall cabinets from 5" to 15" deep
    • Base cabinets from 9" to 24" deep
    • Base cabinets with drawers 15" to 24" deep
    • Tall cabinets from 9" to 24" deep

    These cabinet variations increase your design options and give you greater flexibility to deal with unique room layouts. For more information on Custom Depth options refer to our Specification Guide or speak with your designer.

    All Wood Cabinetry gives you the choice of 2 decorative end panels for exposed cabinet sides so you can customize your design with the aesthetics of your choice.

    *May not apply to all cabinets.

    Factory Finished Ends
    are flat panels in a matching finish, which are factory installed on the cabinet sides where specified.

    Matching End Panels*
    are beautiful door panels that match the cabinet door style. These are shipped separately and field installed.